About Medcal EMR

Medcal Electronic Medical Records is a cloud based application that stores highly confidential medical information about people on a secure database. The medical records are required to be stored so as to enable physicians treat patients on a progressive method and also for patient scheduling.

For Physicians

  • The physicians can now have a very comprehensive method of treating patients

    more efficiently.

  • Easier way to follow up on patients.
  • Track lab, scan and x-ray results.
  • Create a database of medical records for sample data to track any onset of an


For Patients

  • Patients can choose the doctor they want to see based on speciality and locations.
  • They can keep track of appointments and follow-up visits.
  • Patients can view their medical records and prescriptions digitally.
  • They can learn why any medicine was prescribed and follow up on treatment plan in

    a progressive way.

You can also download the Android & iOS app from the store